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Жанр Абстрактный Юмор

▪ История по Факту
▪ Как Правильно Мастурбировать | Мемы
▪ Вред Чрезмерного Мастурбирования
▪ Заключение

| История по Факту

| Future World Bill

Image: FW TV

“The laws will be based on what goals we pursue. If we set the Higher Goals as a priority, then any restrictions that impede the achievement of the Higher Goals will be legally punished.
For example: Unwise Use of the Earth’s Resources, Deterioration of the Earth’s Condition, Slowing Progress and much more"

The FW Constitution states the prohibition of Private Property, Everything will belong to the State under Planned Management. The State will provide all the Resources for the Futurist, in return the Futurist must contribute to the State his Working Hours.

Image: FW TV / Daniel Lost


What is Future World?

Future World is concept idea of ​​how Futurist imagine the world around us, how it will look beautiful, design, futuristic. Rich world of Imagination, Fantasy, Ideas - maybe you do know The Venus Projects, it’s familiar.

Everyone has watched Futuristic Movies, Sci-fi, Space Exploration. Everyone does know what is Futuristic World, and our team of Futurists also shares media content about Future for better understanding. Mostly we want to implement this idea, and how we can build it? …

Hyperloop (Brief)

◉ Future Transportation

Hyperloop represents High Efficiency in transporting passengers between Cities, and possibly Countries.

Efficiency is provided by:

▪ Speed

Elon Musk’s vision of a futuristic transportation system of magnetically levitating pods through nearly airless tubes at speeds of up to 1,223 km/h a reality.

Without stops

The perspective in the Express version is obvious, people choose the starting point and the ending point, due to which the transport travels without stops.

▪ Eco-friendly

Electronic engine, zero emissions
Future Energy is provided by Solar, Wind, Sea Wave, Geothermal energy. This brings Future Technologies together and creates the Future World image.

▪ Savings

It is planned to raise $25 million from the sale…

MAG | Types of Specializations

Image: Daniel Lost | Internet Resources

| History of MAG

The idea of ​​creating MAG magazine begins with the desire to make editions of Future World TV in Static format (in the form of magazines) ideas of Future World.
We named MAG in short for Magazine, but we also present you with the beautiful word Magic.


Global Issues

★ Global Issues is a section of State Science where Global Issues are deeply explored


| What is Global Issues?


History of Futurism

Image: Robert McCall’s

| Futurism

Futurism from the Latin word futurum - future.

Future World TV

Future World TV is a media platform dedicated to the ideas and projects of Future World.

TV as a tool that allowing to receive advanced information in the form of:

• Video - Editions | Movies
• Audio - Podcasts | Audio Books | Music
• Static - Magazines | Books | Images
• Physical - Prints
And more.

Future World is a system of advanced ideas and technologies for creating the Future.

| History of Future World TV

Future World Foundation 🌐

Image: NASA

The FW Foundation is a property dedicated to the creation of Future World.

Future World TV

Future World TV - MAG | ★ The Futurist Magazine. Instagram - futureworldtv

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