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“The laws will be based on what goals we pursue. If we set the Higher Goals as a priority, then any restrictions that impede the achievement of the Higher Goals will be legally punished. …

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What is Future World?

Future World is concept idea of ​​how Futurist imagine the world around us, how it will look beautiful, design, futuristic. Rich world of Imagination, Fantasy, Ideas - maybe you do know The Venus Projects, it’s familiar.

Everyone has watched Futuristic Movies, Sci-fi, Space Exploration…

Hyperloop represents High Efficiency in transporting passengers between Cities, and possibly Countries.

Efficiency is provided by:

Elon Musk’s vision of a futuristic transportation system of magnetically levitating pods through nearly airless tubes at speeds of up to 1,223 km/h a reality.

Without stops

The perspective in the Express version is obvious, people choose the…

Future World TV is a media platform dedicated to the ideas and projects of Future World.

• Video - Editions | Movies
• Audio - Podcasts | Audio Books | Music
• Static - Magazines | Books | Images
• Physical - Prints
And more.

Future World is a system…

Future World TV

Future World TV - MAG | ★ The Futurist Magazine. Instagram - futureworldtv

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