| Future World Bill

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“The laws will be based on what goals we pursue. If we set the Higher Goals as a priority, then any restrictions that impede the achievement of the Higher Goals will be legally punished.
For example: Unwise Use of the Earth’s Resources, Deterioration of the Earth’s Condition, Slowing Progress and much more"

he FW Constitution states the prohibition of Private Property, Everything will belong to the State under Planned Management. The State will provide all the Resources for the Futurist, in return the Futurist must contribute to the State his Working Hours.

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Planned Management - FW Management will be Planned and will serve the Public. Planned Management is based on Scientific Data, which in turn make plans for the Future.

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The FW Constitution states that a Futurist, an inhabitant of the Future World, should be concerned with the Highest Goals, he must ask the Highest Questions that will be the basis of his life. To explore these issues, Future World provides Basic and Rich Resources to accomplish these goals.
The task of Future World is to enrich the life of the Futurist with all the advanced tools of life, knowledge. Create the perfect schedule for a rich life to enrich the Futurist with high Moral Values.

List of Higher Questions

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▪ For what Purpose is the Universe created?
▪ What is outside of the Universe?
▪ What is the purpose of this Biological Life?
▪ ★ What is Existing? (This is the highest question, briefly say - how does everything exist?)
▪ How the Creator looks like? (Perhaps the Creator of our life may be other creatures in space, if so then we also care about the Creator of the Universe)
▪ What are the worlds in the universe? (This is an exciting question. Imagine new worlds, new planets, new species, space exotics)

Requirements in Future World

Our task is to create a society of Futurists who strive for the Highest Goals and will feel comfortable living in FW.

Below is the full scope of claims from the FW population.

| Bio Nature Protection Declaration


Development can progress with minimal impact on Biology Forms.
Most of the time people recycle Other Species to nothing - High Price and Low Quality, Bio Nature pays with their lives and people use everything for their personal and selfish purposes.
★ Our Actions already clearly speak of the consequences of the RED BOOK, we should all read about it.

| Earth Rights

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Earth Rights are relative to Bio Nature, as Bio Nature made planet Earth habitable. Our task is to Protect Earth, to create Future Plans for the resettlement of Bio Nature to other planets in the subsequent disappearance of the solar system, so that life begins to form new species on other planets. We assume that life can multiply in other planets if we provide them with basic living conditions - Water, Balanced Temperature, and depending on the environment, Life will take on species relative to the environment.
Our task is to preserve the basic formulas of life.


| Deep Research Required |

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Initially, it is important to establish that Plants and Animals give us the Environment, without them Humanity does not exist.
Plants and Animals Exist Regardless of Humanity, it is hard to think about Humanity creating Monopoly and Destroying Nature and other Species without providing useful suggestions for the whole Bio Nature - Count your life to understand Price. Development has a cruel price tag on the principle of High Price and Low Quality.
Statistically, Billions of Animals and Plants die a year, if not more to meet Humanity and their needs.
To ensure Animal and Plants Rights it is enough to control people - Control: Fertility, introduction of Quality Standards, Statistics.

Fertility (Unplanned)

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The senseless growth of the population of people only aggravates the Global Issues in numbers like Lack of control, the impact of People on Plants - Cutting down, Exploitation, Food and much more.

Quality Standards

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QS are the rules that are introduced in Bio Nature Rights, in industry, quality control and much more.

More details at State Science / Future World TV

All of this ensures the Bio Nature Privacy Rights.
These actions should have been taken for a long time.

★ Plants depend on the State of the Planet

Bio Nature has the ability to self-heal, develop and enrich itself — If Humanity does not touch Bio Nature, it will itself create the original look and return the virgin appearance of the Earth.

Imgae: Antartis

Plant Rights, like Animal Rights, are fully enforced when we first start Controlling Human Influence to Bio Nature and their Ecosystem.

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Bio Nature represents a complex and diverse system of life that provides a rich diversity of Nature, having a complex network of life, and at the moment when Humanity begins to disrupt this network of life by acting on it, the destruction of Bio Nature begins and the extinction of species occurs, poverty of the Ecosystem and Species Diversity occurs. We should not touch Bio Nature until we understand it, until we are developed to the point where we can model Life by creating conditions and environment for it.

But it is important to note that Humans can also positively influence Plants, make Breeding, create new artificial species, create favorable conditions for Plants, etc. In this case, we need to use Deep Science Researching for the full amount of research data for the proper care of Plants.

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• Biology
• Chemistry
• Geography, Earth Science
• Physics

And more.

Plant Species

The general picture can be given by Earth Science, where Geography of Earth is fully explored. Plants are a kind of Bio Nature and Plants depend on the habitat, the Geoposition in which they develop, by studying the Geography of the Earth, we can distinguish between the types of Plants by Climate and many other features.

Plants Species (Plants Science)

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We must introduce the Rights to the integrity of the territories that belong to Plants, we must control the impact of people on the Environment of Plants. From now on, we highlight the territories that belong to Plants, these are the basic untouched places where Plants develop.

Setting Up Territories

○ Search

▪ Geography, Earth Science

Human Impact on Plants

Reduction of Forests
• City Building - Infrastructure, Materials etc.
• Products - Technology, Food, Medicine etc.
• Fires due Global Warming
• Oil, Single-use Plastic

And more.


| Deep Research Required |

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When we provide Plants Rights, then Animals immediately find their Environment in the designated untouched areas and reproduce safely.

Our task is if we take life away from Animals, then we must have a goal, for example, to provide Bio Nature with a prosperous future, creating conditions on Earth, to develop in Space, creating a Multiplanetary Life.
If we are talking about murder and taking of life for Human Needs, then these should be advanced technologies for painless killing and growing bodies and organs, but Not the Exploitation of Newborns or Artificial Selection.

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What does the Soul represent, the taking of Life? Soul is mind, it is an active network of cells of neurons in the brain as we call Consciousness. Consciousness is determined by a network of reactions, cellular data, codes that the organism stores and represents a Mechanical System.
The brain is the main part of the body that is responsible for Life or Death, but the Brain also depends on other systemic organs.
The brain is responsible for all senses, orientation, speech, and more.

Animal Species (Animal Science)

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Human Impact on Animals

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| Animal Species and the Killing of These Species

1 Animal killing is divided into 4 conventional types according to Earthlings and Dominion

1 Pets
2 Food, Clothing
3 Entertainment
4 Animal Testing | Scientific Research |

| Short View |



• Meat

• Marmalade

And more.


• Milk

• Meat

• Clothes

And more.


• Meat
• Clothes


• Meat

• Hunting


• Eggs

• Meat

And more.


• Pets

• Commercial

And more.


• Pets

• Clothes

• Commercial

And more.


• Science Experiments

• Entertainment


• Science Experiments

• Zoo Park

And more.

Lion, Tiger

• Zoo Park

• Entertainment, Circuit



• Meat

• Entertainment


• Clothes

• Circuit

Dolphins, Whale

• Meat

• Entertainment


• Food, Colorant

And more.

2 Killing of Animals occurs due to the destruction of plants, flora - Homes, shelters, habitats of animals

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▪ Deforestation
▪ Climate Change
▪ Artificial Fires, Wars
▪ Cities Building
▪ Industrial Waste
• Single use Plastics
• Oil, Gas
• Short term products - E-waste, Tech waste etc.

And more.

★ Mission - Ensuring Animal Rights standards around the world
Our mission is to prohibit the Killing and Exploitation of Animals and fully ensure the Rights of Animals. Any violation of rights is punishable by law.

◯ Search

History of Animal Exploitation

Types of Non-Killing Animals:

▪ Humane Painless Murder
▪ Vegetarianism
▪ Growing Artificial Organs
▪ Cyborgization

1 Painless Murder — Euthanasia

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It is necessary to provide general statistics for Euthanasia drugs and compare with the volume of use.
New ways of painless killing are important, which will free animals from painful death. 1 way is fast and effective compared to others

2 Vegetarianism

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Vegetarianism is also considered a quick way of avoiding Animal Killing by eating the same amount of protein for certain diets. Vegetarianism is easier for people who are inactive.

3 Growing Artificial Organs

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Growing Artificial Organs by means of genetic engineering, modifications. In-depth research needs to be done to find the best ways to Grow Organs. | It is also promising for replacing body parts |

4 Cyborgization

★ Types of Artificial Life Support - This is also promising for Immortality.
And other alternatives.

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The decision to quit eating meat is extremely difficult, since historically our body was formed polyphagous. Much will tell Human Anatomy, features of the body. Refusal from meat can affect the characteristics of our body, therefore we need to create an Ecosystem for a person for the transition from Murder to a Smart Approach in an integrated way.

○ Search

▪ Anatomy of Human
▪ Evolution
▪ The History of Development | Future World TV |


| Deep Research Required |

Image: Human Rights PSA Courtesy of USembassy.gov

What Are Human Rights?

Human Rights are Rights inherent to all human beings, regardless of race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, or any other status. Human rights include the right to life and liberty, freedom from slavery and torture, freedom of opinion and expression, the right to work and education, and many more. Everyone is entitled to these rights, without discrimination.

● Source: United Nations

Working at all levels ensuring Human Rights, we ensure the Rights of all Kinds, since the Human is given the tools to Govern the World and with the right institutions where they provide people with Education and Rights, we minimize the Negative Governance of the World.
The beginnings of Enmity begin from the environment in which any organism develops and in a poor environment strives to survive, thereby acquiring the ability as Selfishness and Monopoly. Human is given all the tools of management and at this moment he creates huge problems causing colossal harm to Nature and its inhabitants. Human Speciesism and Monopoly has a beginning - When there is a shortage of resources, each organism seeks to survive and this goes into Greedy. Any phenomenon has reasons so that we do not evoke these qualities in people, we must create a favorable environment for them, a rich world economy.

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Selfishness is inherent in any organism as a desire for self-preservation, if the organism senses danger, it acquires thorns, special skills, protective coatings - in order to preserve itself.
Selfishness has a beginning, it is associated with the severity of life, extreme poverty, inaccessibility to things, lack of access to education. Obviously, any organism seeks to preserve itself when there is no external help, when the environment throws people with its face into the dirt and does not regret a minute. The world has always been poor and selfishness has not been done, now people are so eager to take as much capital as possible and preserve them as if they never had anything.

Types of People

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People are different mentally and physically, in different territories of the Earth people are different in terms of Geographical features - Climate, Geolocation, rich or poor Flora and Fauna, access to water and much more.
In terms of Geography, developed countries can be distinguished that have a high economy, these countries are developed in Technology, Science, Infrastructure and much more. They are considered leaders of other countries - NATO.
The rest of the countries are mostly less developed and can be a place for the extraction of resources, food, cheap labor, and much more - the Countries of the Second and Third World.

Types of Human Problems


• Sex

• Labor

• Torture

And more.


• Murders
• Crime - Sale of Organs, Conflicts
• Diseases
• Hunger
And more.

Women’s Rights

• Gender Equality (Man and Woman are natural specialties)
• Women’s Rights are respected everywhere | Mental and Physical protected. We want to create different living conditions for both sexes, to create programs for a facilitated life of the female, in view of the characteristics of the female body.
And more.

Children Rights

• Child Abusing is prohibited, the solution is special centers for children with housing and fostering programs.
• Captive Child Work is prohibited.

Freedom Rights

• Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Choice, Action - Mental and Physical
• Personal Freedom (From restrictions on freedom)
• Freedom of speech and publication (including profanity)
• Identity - Appearance | Sexual Orientation | Choice of Race and Culture | Love of Any Gender and Age | LGBT
• Religion (If it does not harm progress)

Private Monopoly

• Any act of Private Monopoly is punishable by law.
• Class Inequality
The gap in the inequality of classes should end due to the unequal distribution of labor. Labor work is compulsory and applies to everyone (for the set hours).
• Social Support for the Poor (Food, Housing etc.)


• Physical and Intellectual theft
• Deception (Deception, Disinformation, deliberate propaganda of inaccurate and non-informative data)

Drugs and Alcohols

▪ Drugs (from 16 years old)
It is forbidden to manufacture and distribute drugs in order to ensure a healthy lifestyle for the Futurists. Treatment centers for drug addiction and withdrawal are being introduced.

○ Search: Types of Drugs

▪ Alcohol (from 16 years old)
It is prohibited to drink alcoholic beverages for persons under 16 years of age.

Drive Rules

• Compulsory Training in Driving and Traffic Rules
• Driving license (from 16 years old)


Sex is included in the list of natural needs, so as not to abuse the need for sex violently, there are various programs to satisfy the need for sex.

Sex Programs will reduce the number of rapes, since the reason for rape is mainly limited natural needs.
Sex Programs are presented with the My World system. In My World, all Futurists are identified and guaranteed by the partner.
• Places for Sex
• Boys and Girls for Sex
• Sex Entertainment and more.

Natural Needs

Physical Characteristics:
• Food
• Water
• Air
• Sleep
• Gender
• Medicine
• Cleanliness: shower | Toilet | Haircut | Cleaning
• Clothing
• Safety - physical and mental

Rights under Question

• Carrying a weapon
What are weapons? This is a way to protect against an emerging threat, if there is no threat, then there is no reason to carry weapons. If we want to protect the civil rights of the Futurists from an external threat, in this case we must allow the carrying of weapons in order to counter external military threats, but this act is still in question.


Image: Antoni Tudisco

In the future, protect other worlds from the Danger Environment in Universe and provide Alien Rights. Respect Alien Rights.

Source: Global Issues / Future World TV

| FW Bill

Bio Nature's Declaration of Advocacy states that all life on planet Earth has equal rights to Life, Freedom and Development in order to uphold Bio Nature's legal rights.

The Declaration states that Plants and Animals have rights to Protection, Allocated Territories and Privacy.

Legal rights will be established on the territory of Future World, any violation of Bio Nature's rights will be prosecuted.

Bio Nature species:

▪ Earth Rights
▪ Plants Rights
▪ Animal Rights
▪ Human Rights

"Our attitude to the Earth must change once and for all, we must become Physically and Morally Educated and treat the planet and its inhabitants with care, respect the laws."

| Creation and Destruction of the State

Every Futurist must be able not only to create a State but also to Destroy it.

It is enough for the Futurists to disperse so that the state no longer exists.

The State is a Tool that allows you to live in the Industrial World. For the state to develop, every Futurist needs to invest his working time every day.
The state is built on public property, when by the efforts of everyone we form the state, structure and development.


Image: The Supreme Court of Albania (Gjykata e Lartë)

| The Purpose of Punishment - Community Education and Remedy |

• Public Works
• Restriction of Freedom
• Penalty (in the form of working hours or limitation to Basic and Rich Resources)


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