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What is Future World?

Future World is concept idea of ​​how Futurist imagine the world around us, how it will look beautiful, design, futuristic. Rich world of Imagination, Fantasy, Ideas - maybe you do know The Venus Projects, it’s familiar.

Everyone has watched Futuristic Movies, Sci-fi, Space Exploration. Everyone does know what is Futuristic World, and our team of Futurists also shares media content about Future for better understanding. Mostly we want to implement this idea, and how we can build it? We want to organized a Future World company, via this brand company we can do start things.


Who is a Founder of Future World?

My name is Daniel, age 24.
My background is a Sound Maker, Video Maker and now I’m a Concept Writer.

I fell in love with science, with ideas and inventions, with a developed society. I would like to be a part of this, but what made me create Future World? These are illustrations of Future Cities, a highly developed society that has long reached high technologies and space travel.

I host this media Future World TV because I plan to build the Future World and I started with media. In my imagination, this is a new country with a network of Future Cities around the world and possibly space.

What the start things we can do?
We have created a community - Future World Team in telegram, where each participant has professional knowledge in a particular area and strives to create the Future.

Our primary task is to keep together, we are the rebirth of a new nation - Futurists.


Who is the Futurist?

Keyword Futurism, translated from English - Future.
The Futurist is the Person of the Future, he creates progress in the world.

He is worried about the Higher Questions.

• What is outside the universe?
• Who created the universe?
• What are the worlds in the Universe?
And more.

We created The Futurist Magazine, where we describe the Futurists and their activities in different fields, what projects they are working on and how their actions help to drive progress. We introduce Statistics for the digital results of Futurists (Statistics are approximate).

I think we have a hostile desire to dream, a hostile curiosity to explore the world around us.
The world is insanely beautiful and open to exploration, we just need to open up opportunities by creating a highly developed society. There are wonderful people around us, each of whom is ready to love and dream just like you, and these are not just words.
I fell in love and fell in love with me in return, and love touches.


Future Design?

Our presentation of great design is exactly what we want to feel and see, from which we go crazy.
Future Cities as a representation the Cities of Future, which are filled with comfort, futuristic lifestyle, endless colors of ideas, fantasies, high quality of life. You are in flight and exploration mode, you live as in another world, in a far-developed society.


Are Futurists Fighting with Global Issues?

Our goals also affect solutions to Global Problems (Ecology, Protection of Nature, the Rights of Animals, People, etc.)

Many people may not realize their values ​​until they lose them. Our lungs are Forests, our Food is agriculture, our home is the Earth, the conditions and composition of the Earth are very rare and it is obvious that they can not be found almost anywhere in space, and we play between life and death.

Nature has created conditions on Earth. In nature, everything is interconnected, for example, without pollinators, plants will not be able to spread seeds and plants can die out, which will lead to the extinction of other species. Global Warming, excessive consumption of resources, the use of toxic resources entails the extinction of Insects, Animals, Plants and much more.

The extinction of species has been widespread in recent decades. The source of these problems is Humans, with their dramatic population growth over the past centuries.



This was an introductory release and will soon be structured and professional. We will be creating issues about Future Projects, Future World plans and more.


Concept Writer:

▪ Daniel Lost


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