Image: Bump of Chicken, alb. Cosmonaut

According to the idea, this is the image that we selected to describe the •Person of the Future• and in the Future we are more likely to cease to be people in the usual sense of the word, that is, we can be cyborgs. In the previous publication there is an idea of ​​what a Person of the Future might look like.

The Future in civilization means development, looking far from the present view, a change from the present to the future.

FW is just an environment for development for a certain period. When you fly, teleport, go to a higher consciousness, everything will be different. We create the initial conditions for development, for the search for higher questions. For example, you can study energy, temperature, phenomena in space, but if we understand why this is all who created the nature of the universe, then we will understand the reason for the creation of these phenomena. You will look like the author of all these phenomena. In general, we are interested in what will happen in the Future, what are the unimaginable options.

Futurists are driven by higher questions. How did it all come about? Where is the end? Who created the Universe? Who is the Creator of Nature - Life? Not to mention traveling through the Universe, but if we are too developed we will not even try to travel if we know how everything appeared, for example, when you find out that this is not yet an ideal version of the universe, you probably choose the best option.

Futurists think of everything. They look far away, think big, look forward. For example, we are completely dependent on nature, Futurists appreciate the world around us. A prominent representative of Futurist is Jacque Fresco.


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